What is Geoecology?

Geoecology is an interdisciplinary science, probably best translated as environmental sciences (German definition). Geoecology is not a synonym for physical geography. It is not dealing solely with the abiotic aspects of ecology. The definition, which has influenced the Association for GEOECOLOGY in GERMANY (VG÷D), reads:

Geoecology is oriented towards environmental problems, interdisciplinary science. It aims at understanding the function and operation of the environment to identify particular problems related to human use and to fix them.

Geoecologists are rather "specializing in interdisciplinarity", studying the interactions and interrelations abundant in our environment.

Geoecologists work in the industry, for municipal, regional or federal authorities, in universities and research institutes, in foreign aid programs, and as freelance consultants or engineers. Broad education combined with high-quality specialized training allows geoecologists to work in fields such as environmental analytics, waste disposal, contaminated sites remediation as well as agriculture and forestry.

For more detailed information you may download our information leaflets (all in German):

The Association for Geoecology in Germany (VG÷D) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of geoecology as a modern discipline of environmental sciences. To achieve this goal, the association seeks to influence the geoecological education at universities and to keep in touch with both national and international companies, associations and public authorities. It is also intended to stimulate scientific exchange between environmental scientists in the association.

The Association for Geoecology in Germany was founded in Bayreuth in 1986. In 2010, more than 700 members support the VG÷D (about 50% students, 50% working). Amongst a majority of geoecology students and graduates, several members are from disciplines such as meteorology, hydrology and geography. This makes the VG÷D one of the largest associations of environmental sciences in Germany.

The VG÷D office offers various services to its members and may be contacted for information on geoecology in general. The executive board is in charge of matters concerning the association in particular. VG÷D activities include our general services as well as local activities, offering the possibility, e.g., to share experiences about study or work in amiable gatherings.

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